On Aug 28, 2018, at 10:47 AM, Matt Riedemann <mriede...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> 1.1 Run the git filter-branch on a copy of nova
>>     1.1.1 Add missing files to the file list:
>>  .gitignore
> Unless I were to actually run the git filter-branch tooling to see what is 
> excluded from the new repo, I can't really say what is missing at this time. 
> I assume it would be clear during review - which is why I'm asking that we do 
> this stuff in gerrit where we do reviews.

Since I have run this tool a few times, I can answer that.

The tool removes all files and their history from git, saving only those you 
explicitly ask to keep. Every commit involving those files is kept, along with 
any other files that were part of that commit. The end result is a much smaller 
directory tree, and a much smaller .git directory (513M -> 113M).

Because the history is *removed*, running `git diff @^` on the result will not 
show the many files deleted by the history filter. So if you were looking for a 
diff in gerrit that shows all those deletions, it won’t be there. You can do a 
regular linux diff of the filtered directory and a nova directory to get a list 
of what has been removed, but that can be somewhat messy. I just want to set 
expectations when reviewing the extracted code in gerrit.

-- Ed Leafe

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