Neutrinos and contributors to stadium projects,

As part of the "Run under Python 3 by default" community goal [1] for
OpenStack in the Stein cycle, a group of goal champions has assembled
and have been programmatically generating changes to help projects with
the process of migrating to a python 3 compatible state [2][3].  Since
we are now early in the Stein release cycle, it is a good time to land
these patches and make sure we are in a good state relative to the
community goal early, when we have the most time to handle any issues
that may arise.  As our fearless leader mlavalle said, "If not now,

So please expect to see changes landing in your projects under the
topic "python3-first".  If these cause issues for you please feel free
to reach out to either me or the python 3 goal champions.  Progress is
also being tracked in a wiki page [4].


Nate Johnston


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