Hello Everyone!

The first half of the week was particularly busy and I know a lot of people
wanted to come to the First Contact SIG room that could not, or couldn’t be
there for the whole time. So! For those of you interested that maybe
couldn’t make it for the whole time, here is a beautiful summary :)

And the etherpad if you want that too[1].

State of the Union


We started off with a state of the union on all of the outreach/new
contributor groups to get everyone involved on the same page so we can
better disseminate the info to new comers and potential contributors.



The winter round of applications for mentees opens the 19th and remains
open until October 30th. There are two Outreachy internships sponsored for
this round[2]. Close to the end of this round of internships- they end in
March- the next round will kickoff sponsorships and applications for
projects in February.

Google Summer of Code


We applied and were not accepted last year. We would like to urge the
community to apply again. There’s no info on when applications will open to
organisations to apply for interns.

OpenStack Upstream Institute


We continue to offer this before each summit and at a variety of OpenStack
Day and OpenInfra Day events. Over the last year we have held the training
in Vancouver, Seoul, Krakow, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janiero. In October, the
training will be held at OpenStack Day Nordics in Stockholm[3] and
preceeding the summit in Berlin[4]. A modified version will also be held at
the Open Source Day at the upcoming Grace Hopper Conference in Houston[5].

Cohort Mentoring Program


Formerly the Longterm Mentoring Program organized by the Women of
OpenStack, the mentoring program has changed hands and gotten a facelift.
The program is now cohort style- groups of mentees and mentors focusing on
a single goal like passing the COA, or getting your first patch merged-
rather than the 1x1 loosely timeboxed model. Its also now organized and
mediated by the Diversity Working Group. If you are interested in getting
involved, more details are here[6].

Organization Guide


Back in Sydney, we started discussing creating a guide for organizations to
educate them on what their contributors need to be effective and successful
members of the community. There is a patch out for review right now[7] that
we want to get merged as soon as possible so that we can publicize it in
Berlin and start introducing it when new companies join the foundation. It
was concluded that we needed to add more rationalizations to the
requirements and we delegated those out to ricolin, jungleboyj, and spotz
to help mattoliverau with content. As soon as this patch gets merged, I
volunteered to work to get it onto the soonest board meeting possible.

Operator Inclusion/ Ops Feedback


Unfortunately, many operators were in the Operators room- yeah..they got
scheduled to overlap..oh well. We did have a few representatives join us
though. Basically we concluded that the operator section of the Contributor
Guide is wholly unattractive as it’s a daunting outline of a bunch of
things that aren’t immediately obvious as important to Operators. It needs
to be broken up and the ‘Allows you to’ subsections of each part of the
outline need to be moved up to the top level so that operators can more
easily see and understand why sections of it are important. There are a few
other cosmetic things that also need to be resolved- more details are in
the etherpad from Tuesday’s discussions lines 49-62[1].

The operators are also currently trying to get their docs up and running
again after having been unsupported, partially migrated to wikis, and then
moved back to a repository. Once these are a little more fleshed out and
settled, we will link to them from the Contributor Guide.

I also attended the Operator’s room on Monday and tried to put a call out
for a single point of contact, like a project liaison, so that any
operators we see asking for help or resources can be directed to that point
of contact. No one stepped up during the meeting, but its still something
we see as being important, and will keep pushing to get one or two names to
direct new operators to.

Forum Proposals


Submissions are now open! We have an etherpad from the brainstorming
period[8], but basically we want a forum session that will focus on the
Operator section of the Contributor guide and jimmymacarthur volunteered to
write up and submit this.

The only other topic we really discussed around Berlin was a Meet & Greet
sort of room that we would request during the call for BoF’s for the
summit. This call recently went out, and I will put in the request by the
end of the week.

Translation of the Contributor Guide


Basically, we want it translated- code & docs, operators, users, and
organisations sections; all of it. The discussion focused on a lot of the
nitty gritty- what sort of translators would be interested in helping-
technical or more high level translators. What is our timeline? When would
our string freezes be? The todo’s that came about were for me to talk to
ashfergs about getting this on the discussion docket for the Ambassadors
and to help ianychoi with setting up the connection between the repo and

Contributor Landing Page on Docs.o.o


This was a short discussion with pkovar about how we might want to style
this. We talked about having links into the various parts of the
contributor guide and having a list of links to all of the contribution
sections of the project specific docs. No real todo’s came out of this, but
its definitely something we will want to circle back to once some of the
other day’s todo’s get accomplished.

Summary & Contacting Us Further


Lots happened and I am probably missing things (it was already a week ago
and it was a bit chaotic at times), but I think I hit on most of the big
stuff. Good news is we had a few people step up to take things on so its
not all on me ;)

We continue our biweekly meetings at 7:00 UTC in #openstack-meeting if you
can join us! Otherwise we mostly all live on IRC in a variety of channels
#openstack-dev, #openstack-upstream-institute, #openstack-doc. Our irc
nicks and timezones are listed on our wikipage here[9]! If asynchronous
communication is more your style, we use the [First Contact] tag on both
the openstack-sigs and openstack-dev mailing lists. See you around :)

-Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo)

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/FC_SIG_ptg_stein

[2] https://www.outreachy.org/apply/project-selection/

[3] http://stockholm.openstacknordic.org/program


[5] https://ghc.anitab.org/2018-attend/schedule-overview/open-source-day/

[6] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Mentoring#Long_Term_Mentoring

[7] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/578676

[8] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/FC_SIG_BER_Planning
[9] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/First_Contact_SIG
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