I had a hard time understanding the articles. I'm not sure if you used Google Translate to do the translation from Chinese to English, but I personally found both of them difficult to follow.

There were a couple points that I did manage to decipher, though. One thing that both articles seemed to say was that OpenStack doesn't meet public (AWS-ish) cloud use cases and OpenStack doesn't compare favorably to VMWare either.

Is there a large contingent of Chinese OpenStack users that expect OpenStack to be a free (as in beer) version of VMware technology?

What are the 3 most important features that Chinese OpenStack users would like to see included in OpenStack projects?


On 09/24/2018 11:10 AM, Fred Li wrote:
Hi folks,

Recently there are several blogs which discussed about the future of OpenStack. If I was not wrong, the first one is "OpenStack-8-year-itch"[1], and you can find its English version attached. Thanks to google translation. The second one is "5-years-my-opinion-on-OpenStack" [2] with English version attached as well. Please translate the 3 to 6 and read them if you are interested.

I don't want to judge anything here. I just want to share as they are quite hot discussion and I think it is valuable for the whole community, not part of community to know.

Fred Li (李永乐)

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