I have a question regarding the Ryu integration in Openstack. By default,
the openvswitch bridges (br-int, br-tun and br-ex) are registered to a
controller running on and port 6633. The output of ovs-vsctl
get-manager is ptcp: This is noticed on the nova compute
node. However there is a different instance of the same Ryu controller
running on the neutron gateway as well and the three openvswitch bridges
(br-int, br-tun and br-ex) are registered to this instance of Ryu
controller. If I stop neutron-openvswitch agent on the nova compute node,
the bridges there are no longer connected to the controller, but the
bridges in the neutron gateway continue to remain connected to the
controller. Only when I stop the neutron openvswitch agent in the neutron
gateway as well, the bridges there get disconnected.

I'm unable to find where in the Openstack code I can access this
implementation, because I intend to make a few tweaks to this architecture
which is present currently. Also, I'd like to know which app is the Ryu SDN
controller running by default at the moment. I feel the information in the
code can help me find it too.

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