Nova, cinder and tempest run the nova-multiattach job in their check and gate queues. The job was added in Queens and was a specific job because we had to change the ubuntu cloud archive we used in Queens to get multiattach working. Since Rocky, devstack defaults to a version of the UCA that works for multiattach, so there isn't really anything preventing us from running the tempest multiattach tests in the integrated gate. The job tries to be as minimal as possible by only running tempest.api.compute.* tests, but it still means spinning up a new node and devstack for testing.

Given the state of the gate recently, I'm thinking it would be good if we dropped the nova-multiattach job in Stein and just enable the multiattach tests in one of the other integrated gate jobs. I initially was just going to enable it in the nova-next job, but we don't run that on cinder or tempest changes. I'm not sure if tempest-full is a good place for this though since that job already runs a lot of tests and has been timing out a lot lately [1][2].

The tempest-slow job is another option, but cinder doesn't currently run that job (it probably should since it runs volume-related tests, including the only tempest tests that use encrypted volumes).

Are there other ideas/options for enabling multiattach in another job that nova/cinder/tempest already use so we can drop the now mostly redundant nova-multiattach job?





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