On 10/3/2018 7:58 AM, Doug Hellmann wrote:
There is one more patch to import the zuul configuration for the
heat-agents repository's stable/ocata branch. That branch is apparently
broken, and Zane suggested on the review [1] that we abandon the patch
and close the branch.

That patch is the only thing blocking the cleanup patch in
project-config, so I would like to get a definitive answer about what to
do. Should we close the branch, or does someone want to try to fix
things up?



I'm assuming heat-agents is a service, not a library, since it doesn't show up in upper-constraints. Based on that, does heat itself plan on putting its stable/ocata branch into extended maintenance mode and if so, does that mean EOLing the heat-agents stable/ocata branch could cause problems for the heat stable/ocata branch? In other words, will it be reasonable to run CI for stable/ocata heat changes against a heat-agents ocata-eol tag?




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