as part of the process to migrate all the jobs to use a workflow that
takes advantage of zuulv3, we need to migrate the jobs that form the
promotion pipeline in rdo sf.
There are a total of 95 jobs that need migration in rdo sf. Of these, 55
are in the various promotion pipeline for all the branches.
We already tested part of them, sampling the various branch/topology
configuration, and we had good results.
We tried to plan a soft migration, but it would take ages to finish by
migrating job one at a time and be sure everything is working 100%
before moving to the next.
Since we are in a good spot with promotion (we just had promotion) our
next plan is to bulk migrate all the promotion jobs at the same time,
and spend a few days dealing with the consequences.

Tomorrow at 13 UTC, we'll pull the trigger on the migration. From that
moment, expect some delays in the promotions, as we'll try to fix
anything that we missed in our previous tests in the following days.

We don't expect the fixes to take more than one week, and we are ready
to revert to the previous configuration if need arises.


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