Stephen Finucane <> writes:

> On Thu, 2018-10-04 at 07:21 -0400, Doug Hellmann wrote:
>> Stephen Finucane <> writes:


>> > Anyway, we can go figure out what's changed here and handle it but this
>> > is, at best, going to be a band aid. The fact is 'sphinx_testing' is
>> > unmaintained and has been for some time now. The new hotness is
>> > 'sphinx.testing' [3], which is provided (with zero documentation) as
>> > part of Sphinx. Unfortunately, this uses pytest fixtures [4] which I'm
>> > pretty sure Monty (and a few others?) are vehemently against using in
>> > OpenStack. That leaves us with three options:
>> > 
>> >  * Take over 'sphinx_testing' and bring it up-to-date. Maintain
>> >    forever.
>> >  * Start using 'sphinx.testing' and everything it comes with
>> >  * Delete any tests that use 'sphinx_testing' and deal with the lack of
>> >    coverage
>> Could we change our tests to use pathlib to wrap app.outdir and get the
>> same results as before?
> That's what I've done [2], which is kind of based on how I fixed this
> in Sphinx. However, this is at best a stopgap. The fact remains that
> 'sphinx_testing' is dead and the large changes that Sphinx is
> undergoing (2.0 will be Python 3 only, with multiple other fixes) will
> make further breakages more likely. Unless we want a repeat of the Mox
> situation, I do think we should start thinking about this sooner rather
> than later.

Yeah, it sounds like we need to deal with the change.

It looks like only the os-api-ref repo uses sphinx-testing. How many
tests are we talking about having to rewrite/update there?


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