GraphQL has introspection features that allow clients to pull the schema
(types, queries, mutations, etc):

That said, it seems like using this in a client like OpenStackSDK would get
messy quickly. Instead of asking for which versions are supported, you'd
have to fetch the schema, map it to actual features somehow, and adjust
queries based on this info.

I guess there might be a middleground where we could fetch the REST API
version, and know from that what GraphQL queries can be made.

// jim

On Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 7:30 AM Doug Hellmann <> wrote:

> Gilles Dubreuil <> writes:
> >> About the micro version, we discuss with your team mate dmitry in
> >> another email [1]
> >
> > Obviously micro version is a point of contention.
> > My take on this is because consuming them has been proven harder than
> > developing them.
> > The beauty of GraphQL is that there is no need to deal with version at
> all.
> > New fields appears when needed and old one are marked deprecated.
> How does someone using GraphQL to use a cloud know when a specific field
> is available? How can they differentiate what is supported in one cloud
> from what is supported in another, running a different version of the
> same service?
> Doug
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