This is the weekly summary of work being done by the Technical Committee
members. The full list of active items is managed in the wiki:

We also track TC objectives for the cycle using StoryBoard at:!/project/923

== Recent Activity ==

Since the last update email, we have held another TC election in which 3
returning and 3 new members have been elected. Welcome again to our new
and returning members, and thank you to the former members for their


If you missed it, I sent the summary of TC discussions at the PTG a
while back.


Between being busy with the PTG and then the TC elections, I did not
send a status update during September, so there are quite a few project
updates to report.

Project updates:

* Add os-ken to neutron:
* Add cookbook-openstack-bare-metal to Chef:
* Add mistral-extra to Mistral:
* Add placement deliverable to Nova:
* Add metalsmith to Ironic:
* Add oslo.upgradecheck to Oslo:
* Add puppet-placement to Puppet:
* Add ansible-role-chrony to TripleO:
* Add octavia-lib to Octavia:
* Add neutron-interconnection to neutron:

Retired repositories:

* Retire the development-proposals repository:
* Retire fuxi:
* Retire charm-ceph:

Community Updates:

* Add Jay Faulkner as ATC for Ironic:
* Begin the T deveiopment cycle naming process:
* The Operations Guide team adopted the HA Guide:
* The Interop Working Group adopted the refstack tools:

== TC Meetings ==

In order to fulfill our obligations under the OpenStack Foundation
bylaws, the TC needs to hold meetings at least once each quarter. We
have decided to schedule monthly meetings on IRC, and retain the
existing office hours times for less formal discussions. See the thread
for details.


== Ongoing Discussions ==

Tony Breeds is coordinating the poll for names for the T development
cycle and release series.


== TC member actions/focus/discussions for the coming week(s) ==

We need to decide how we are going to handle updating the list of
liaisons to projects this cycle. Please follow up on that thread.


Add the monthly meeting to your calendar.


The next Foundation board meeting will be held via webex on 25
October. See the wiki for details.


== Contacting the TC ==

The Technical Committee uses a series of weekly "office hour" time
slots for synchronous communication. We hope that by having several
such times scheduled, we will have more opportunities to engage
with members of the community from different timezones.

Office hour times in #openstack-tc:

- 09:00 UTC on Tuesdays
- 01:00 UTC on Wednesdays
- 15:00 UTC on Thursdays

If you have something you would like the TC to discuss, you can add
it to our office hour conversation starter etherpad at:

Many of us also run IRC bouncers which stay in #openstack-tc most
of the time, so please do not feel that you need to wait for an
office hour time to pose a question or offer a suggestion. You can
use the string "tc-members" to alert the members to your question.

You will find channel logs with past conversations at

If you expect your topic to require significant discussion or to
need input from members of the community other than the TC, please
start a mailing list discussion on openstack-dev at
and use the subject tag "[tc]" to bring it to the attention of TC

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