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> TC members,
> Since we are starting a new term, and have several new members, we need
> to decide how we want to rotate the liaisons attached to each our
> project teams, SIGs, and working groups [1].
> Last term we went through a period of volunteer sign-up and then I
> randomly assigned folks to slots to fill out the roster evenly. During
> the retrospective we talked a bit about how to ensure we had an
> objective perspective for each team by not having PTLs sign up for their
> own teams, but I don't think we settled on that as a hard rule.
> I think the easiest and fairest (to new members) way to manage the list
> will be to wipe it and follow the same process we did last time. If you
> agree, I will update the page this week and we can start collecting
> volunteers over the next week or so.
> Doug
> [1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenStack_health_tracker
+1, Sounds good. I would just ask that if a TC is member has any
expectation on another member to post  a status update, that they
explicitly reach out and convey that expectation so we minimize confusion.
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