On 10/10/2018 01:41 PM, Greg Hill wrote:
I've been out of the openstack loop for a few years, so I hope this reaches the right folks.

Josh Harlow (original author of taskflow and related libraries) and I have been discussing the option of moving taskflow out of the openstack umbrella recently. This move would likely also include the futurist and automaton libraries that are primarily used by taskflow. The idea would be to just host them on github and use the regular Github features for Issues, PRs, wiki, etc, in the hopes that this would spur more development. Taskflow hasn't had any substantial contributions in several years and it doesn't really seem that the current openstack devs have a vested interest in moving it forward. I would like to move it forward, but I don't have an interest in being bound by the openstack workflow (this is why the project stagnated as core reviewers were pulled on to other projects and couldn't keep up with the review backlog, so contributions ground to a halt).

I'm not sure how using pull requests instead of Gerrit changesets would help "core reviewers being pulled on to other projects"?

Is this just about preferring not having a non-human gatekeeper like Gerrit+Zuul and being able to just have a couple people merge whatever they want to the master HEAD without needing to talk about +2/+W rights?

If it's just about preferring the pull request workflow versus the Gerrit rebase workflow, just say so. Same for just preferring the Github UI versus Gerrit's UI (which I agree is awful).

Anyway, it's cool with me to "free" taskflow from the onerous yoke of OpenStack development if that's what the contributors to it want.


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