CfP for the Software Defined Storage devroom at FOSDEM 2019 (Brussels,
Belgium, February 3rd).

FOSDEM is a free software event that offers open source communities a
place to meet, share ideas and collaborate. It is renown for being
highly developer- oriented and brings together 8000+ participants from
all over the world.  It is held in the city of Brussels (Belgium).

FOSDEM 2019 will take place during the weekend of February 2nd-3rd 2019.
More details about the event can be found at

** Call For Participation

The Software Defined Storage devroom will go into it's third round for
talks around Open Source Software Defined Storage projects, management
tools and real world deployments.

Presentation topics could include but are not limited too:

- Your work on a SDS project like Ceph, Gluster, OpenEBS or LizardFS

- Your work on or with SDS related projects like SWIFT or Container
  Storage Interface

- Management tools for SDS deployments

- Monitoring tools for SDS clusters

** Important dates:

- Nov 25th 2018:  submission deadline for talk proposals
- Dec 17th 2018:  announcement of the final schedule
- Feb  3rd 2019:  Software Defined Storage dev room

Talk proposals will be reviewed by a steering committee:
- Niels de Vos (Gluster Developer - Red Hat)
- Jan Fajerski (Ceph Developer - SUSE)
- other volunteers TBA

Use the FOSDEM 'pentabarf' tool to submit your proposal:

- If necessary, create a Pentabarf account and activate it.
  Please reuse your account from previous years if you have already
  created it.

- In the "Person" section, provide First name, Last name
  (in the "General" tab), Email (in the "Contact" tab) and Bio
  ("Abstract" field in the "Description" tab).

- Submit a proposal by clicking on "Create event".

- Important! Select the "Software Defined Storage devroom" track (on the
  "General" tab).

- Provide the title of your talk ("Event title" in the "General" tab).

- Provide a description of the subject of the talk and the intended
  audience (in the "Abstract" field of the "Description" tab)

- Provide a rough outline of the talk or goals of the session (a short
  list of bullet points covering topics that will be discussed) in the
  "Full description" field in the "Description" tab

- Provide an expected length of your talk in the "Duration" field. Please
  count at least 10 minutes of discussion into your proposal plus allow
  5 minutes for the handover to the next presenter.
  Suggested talk length would be 20+10 and 45+15 minutes.

** Recording of talks

The FOSDEM organizers plan to have live streaming and recording fully
working, both for remote/later viewing of talks, and so that people can
watch streams in the hallways when rooms are full. This requires
speakers to consent to being recorded and streamed. If you plan to be a
speaker, please understand that by doing so you implicitly give consent
for your talk to be recorded and streamed. The recordings will be
published under the same license as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY).

Hope to hear from you soon! And please forward this announcement.

If you have any further questions, please write to the mailinglist at and we will try to answer as soon as


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