Hi everyone!

It looks like we're not going to be able to have a TC meeting every 2
weeks as I had hoped for, the majority of the TC seems to want to meet
once every month.  However, I wanted to ask if the community would be
interested in taking one of the upcoming office hours to discuss the
current community goals, more specifically upgrades.

It's been brought to my attention by some community members that they
feel like we've been deciding goals too early without having enough
maturity in terms of implementation.  In addition, it seems like the
final implementation way is not fully baked in by the time we create
the goal.  This was brought up in the WSGI goal last time and it looks
like there is some oddities at the moment with "do we implement our
own stuff?" "do we use the new oslo library?" "is the library even

I wanted to propose one of the upcoming office hours to perhaps invite
some of the community members (PTL, developers, anyone!) as well as
the TC with goal champions to perhaps discuss some of these goals to
help everyone get a clear view on what's going on.

Does this seem like it would be of interest to the community?  I am
currently trying to transform our office hours to be more of a space
where we have more of the community and less of discussion between us.


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