Development Focus

Team focus should be on spec approval and implementation for priority features.

General Information

Projects that have been following the cycle-with-milestone release model will
be switched over to cycle-with-rc soon [0]. Just a reminder that although the
changes mean milestones are no long required, projects are free to still
request one if they feel there is a need.

Projects following cycle-with-intermediary with libraries have hopefully seen
the mailing list thread on changes there [1]. Projects with libraries following
this release model that have unreleased commits are encouraged to request a
release for those. But under the new plan, the release team will propose
releases for those projects if there has not been one requested before the

PTLs and/or release liaisons - a reminder that we would love to have you around
during our weekly meeting [2]. It would also be very helpful if you would
linger in the #openstack-release channel during deadline weeks.


Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

Stein-1 milestone: October 25  (R-24 week)
Forum at OpenStack Summit in Berlin: November 13-15

Sean McGinnis (smcginnis)

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