On 10/19/2018 01:58 PM, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
On 19/10/2018 18.30, Clark Boylan wrote:
 > [...]
Because zuul config is branch specific we could set up every project to use a `openstack-python3-jobs` template then define that template differently on each branch. This would mean you only have to update the location where the template is defined and not need to update every other project after cutting a stable branch. I would suggest we take advantage of that to reduce churn.

Alternative we have a single "openstack-python3-jobs" template in an unbranched repo like openstack-zuul-jobs and define different jobs per branch.

The end result would be the same, each repo uses the same template and no changes are needed for the repo when branching...

Yes - I agree that we should take advantage of zuul's branching support. And I agree with Andreas that we should just use branch matchers in openstack-zuul-jobs to do it.

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