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Now I get you. I would say all configuration templates need to be changed to allow, eg.

$ grep http /etc/kolla/cinder-volume/cinder.conf
glance_api_servers =
auth_url = http://internal.somedomain.tld:35357
www_authenticate_uri = http://internal.somedomain.tld:5000
auth_url = http://internal.somedomain.tld:35357
auth_endpoint = http://internal.somedomain.tld:5000

to look like:

glance_api_servers = http://glance.service.somedomain.consul:9292
auth_url = http://keystone.service.somedomain.consul:35357
www_authenticate_uri = http://keystone.service.somedomain.consul:5000
auth_url = http://keystone.service.somedomain.consul:35357
auth_endpoint = http://keystone.service.somedomain.consul:5000

The idea with Consul looks interesting.

But I don't get your issue with VIP address and spine-leaf network.

What we have:
- controller1 behind leaf1 A/B pair with MLAG
- controller2 behind leaf2 A/B pair with MLAG
- controller3 behind leaf3 A/B pair with MLAG

The VIP address is active on one controller server.
When the server fail then the VIP will move to another controller server.
Where do you see a SPOF in this configuration?

So leaf1 2 and 3 have to share the same L2 domain, right (in IPv4 network)?

Yes, they share L2 domain but we have ARP and ND suppression enabled.

It is an EVPN network where there is a L3 with VxLANs between leafs and spines.

So we don't care where a server is connected. It can be connected to any leaf.

Ok that sounds very interesting. Is it possible to share some internals? Which switch vendor/model do you use? How does you IP address schema look like? If VxLAN is used between spine and leafs are you using VxLAN networking for Openstack as well? Where is your VTEP?

We have Mellanox switches with Cumulus Linux installed. Here you have a documentation: https://docs.cumulusnetworks.com/display/DOCS/Ethernet+Virtual+Private+Network+-+EVPN

EVPN is a well known standard and it is also supported by Juniper, Cisco etc.

We have standard VLANs between servers and leaf switches, they are mapped to VxLANs between leafs and spines. In our env every leaf switch is a VTEP. Servers have MLAG/CLAG connections to two leaf switches. We also have anycast gateways on leaf switches. From servers point of view our network is like a very big switch with hundreds of ports and standard VLANs.

We are using VxLAN networking for OpenStack, but it is configured on top of network VxLANs, we dont mix them.

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