Cool, I'll open a bug then.

I was wondering if, before joining the metadata tables with the rest of
instance data, we could do a UNION, since both tables are structurally

On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 9:04 PM Dan Smith <> wrote:

> > Do you guys see an easy fix here?
> >
> > Should I open a bug report?
> Definitely open a bug. IMHO, we should just make the single-instance
> load work like the multi ones, where we load the metadata separately if
> requested. We might be able to get away without sysmeta these days, but
> we needed it for the flavor details back when the join was added. But,
> user metadata is controllable by the user and definitely of interest in
> that code, so just dropping sysmeta from the explicit required_attrs
> isn't enough, IMHO.
> --Dan
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