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> One of the reoccurring problem that I'm facing in Debian is that not
> only Python 3 version is lagging behind, but OpenStack dependencies are
> also lagging behind the distro. Often, the answer is "we don't support
> this or that version of X", which of course is very frustrating.

Can you provide a recent instance of this?  I feel like we have a
misunderstanding here.

> One
> thing which would be super nice, would be a non-voting gate job that
> test with the latest version of every Python dependencies as well, so we
> get to see breakage early. We've stopped seeing them since we decided it
> breaks too often and we would hide problems behind the
> global-requirement thing.

We watch for this in requirements where everyday we update to the latest
co-installable dependencies[1] and gate on them.  If that passes it gets
merged into the repo and used by all projects.

Where we could do better is making the failures visible, and we're open
to suggestions there.

We have the following caps:
 cmd2!=0.8.3,<0.9.0;python_version<'3.0'  # MIT
 construct<2.9  # MIT
 Django<2;python_version<'3.0'  # BSD
 Django<2.1;python_version>='3.0'  # BSD
 django-floppyforms<2  # BSD
 elasticsearch<3.0.0  # Apache-2.0
 jsonpath-rw<2.0  # Apache-2.0
 jsonschema<3.0.0  # MIT
 PrettyTable<0.8  # BSD
 python-congressclient<2000  # Apache-2.0
 warlock<2  # Apache-2.0
 XStatic-jQuery<2  # MIT License

These of course do impact the dependencies that are considered
co-installable and we're working towards minimising this list.

You can see from[1] that the lates urllib is incompatible with botocore.
So we'll exclude that from the update and try again.  Meanwahile we'll
file a bug (Possibly a patch) in botocore to get the cap removed or

Yours Tony.

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/612252/

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