Greetings, Nova team!
As you may be aware, I've been working with other folks in the community on documenting a vision for OpenStack clouds (formerly known as the 'Technical Vision') - essentially to interpret the mission statement in long-form, in a way that we can use to actually help guide decisions. You can read the latest draft here:

We're trying to get feedback from as many people as possible - in many ways the value is in the process of coming together to figure out what we're trying to achieve as a community with OpenStack and how we can work together to build it. The document is there to help us remember what we decided so we don't have to do it all again over and over.

The vision is structured with two sections that apply broadly to every project in OpenStack - describing the principles that we believe are essential to every cloud, and the ones that make OpenStack different from some other clouds. The third section is a list of design goals that we want OpenStack as a whole to be able to meet - ideally each project would be contributing toward one or more of these design goals.

The 'Basic Physical Data Center Management' goal was written to acknowledge Nova's central role in OpenStack, and emphasize that OpenStack differs from projects like Kubernetes in that we don't expect something else to manage the physical data center for us; we expect OpenStack to be the thing that does that for other projects. Obviously Nova is also covered by the 'Hardware Virtualisation' design goal.

The last paragraph of the 'Plays Well With Others' design goal was prompted by discussions in Cinder. I don't think the topic of other systems using parts of Nova standalone has ever really come up, but if it did this might be somewhere to look for guidance. (Note that it's phrased as completely optional.)

A couple of the other sections are also (I think) worthy of close attention. The principles in the 'Application Control' section of the cloud pillars remain important. Nova is a bit unusual in that there are a number of auxiliary services that provide functionality here (I'm thinking of e.g. Masakari) - which is good, but it means more things to think about. Not only whether any given functionality is needed, but whether it is best provided by Nova or some other project, and if the latter how Nova can provide affordances for that project to integrate with it.

The Partitioning section was suggested by Jay. It highlights the known mismatch between the concept of Availability Zones as borrowed from other clouds and the way operators use OpenStack, and offers a long-term design direction without being prescriptive.

If you would like me or another TC member to join one of your team IRC meetings to discuss further what the vision means for your team, please reply to this thread to set it up. You are also welcome to bring up any questions in the TC IRC channel, #openstack-tc - there's more of us around during Office Hours (, but you can talk to us at any time.

Feedback can also happen either in this thread or on the review

If the team is generally happy with the vision as it is and doesn't have any specific feedback, that's cool but I'd like to request that at least the PTL leave a vote on the review. It's important to know whether we are actually developing a consensus in the community or just talking to ourselves :)

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