Hello Gentle Reader:

I'm writing to share my thoughts on how I feel when I open my inbox on my account subscribed to OpenStack mailing lists.

I've been subscribed to various lists for some time and have accommodated my consumption style to suit the broadcast nature of the specific lists; use of filters etcetera.

I have noticed a new habit on some of the mailing lists and I find the effect of it to feel rather aggressive to me.

I am used to copious amounts of emails and it is my responsibility as consumer to filter out and reply to the ones that affect me.

I'm not comfortable with the recent trend of using capslock. I'm feeling yelled at by my inbox. This is having the effect of me giving as little attention as possible to anyone using capslock.

I wanted to give capslock affectionados that feedback. If you are using it to agressively distance yourself from me as a consumer, it is highly successful.

Thank you for reading,

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