Hi Matt and Telemetry Team,

I was going through the remaining project to be implemented with 
upgrade-checkers placeholder framework. I would like to know about the projects 
to implement the same under telemetry tab.

According to my understanding from below link, multiple projects come under 

Aodh being alarming service triggers alarm when collected data breaks over set 
rules. Also, Aodh work as a standalone project using any backend(ceilometer, 
gnocchi. etc.):
So there are expected changes b/w releases.

Ceilometer being data collection service(that helps in customer billing, 
resource tracking, and alarming): As this service is involved in data pooling 
from other projects. So there can be chances to perform upgrade checks.

Panko being indexing service, that provides the ability to store and query 
event data. Related changes to indexing objects can be checked while upgrading

So, should we add upgrade-check command in each project or single command 
upgrade-checks should be there to tell each service upgrade status?

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