TC members,

The TC will be meeting on 1 Nov at 1400 UTC in #openstack-tc to discuss
some of our ongoing initiatives. Here is the agenda for this week.

* meeting procedures

* discussion of topics for joint leadership meeting at Summit in

* completing TC liaison assignments

* documenting chair responsibilities

* reviewing the health-check check list

* deciding next steps on technical vision statement

* deciding next steps on python 3 and distro versions for PTI
** Add optional python3.7 unit test 
enablement to python3-first
** Make Python 3 testing requirement less 
** Explicitly declare Stein supported 
** Resolution on keeping up with Python 3 

* reviews needing attention
** Indicate relmgt style for each 
** Remove Dragonflow from the official 
projects list

If you have suggestions for topics for the next meeting (6 Dec), please
add them to the wiki at


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