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[09:19] == Li_Liu [b896edde@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has
joined #openstack-cyborg
[09:19] <Sundar> Hi Xinran
[09:20] <Sundar> Looks like just we two and maybe Li so far
[09:20] <Li_Liu> Hi guyss
[09:20] <Li_Liu> Let me ask people in wechat group
[09:20] <Sundar> Hi Li
[09:20] <Li_Liu> Hi
[09:21] <wangzhh> Hi
[09:21] <wangzhh> #wangzhh
[09:21] <Li_Liu> Sundar, Did you have the change to look at the spec I
submit last weekend?
[09:21] <wangzhh> #info wangzhh
[09:21] <Sundar> Hi wangzhh
[09:22] <wangzhh> Hi Sundar.
[09:22] <Li_Liu> I know i must still miss things, but I just wanna get the
thing started first
[09:22] <Sundar> Li: Yes, I had some comments. I am still writing them.
Will post by today.
[09:22] <Li_Liu> sure, thanks a lot
[09:22] <Li_Liu> #info Li_Liu
[09:23] <Li_Liu> ok, let's get started on the business
[09:23] <Li_Liu> I think CoCo is still on her way home. but we can go ahead
for the meeting
[09:23] <Li_Liu> #topic status updates
[09:23] == Coco_gao [uid312075@gateway/web/]
has joined #openstack-cyborg
[09:24] <Li_Liu> Hi CoCo
[09:24] <Li_Liu> start with
[09:24] <Sundar> Storyboard has been updated for db and driver-agent
[09:24] <Sundar> Some driver-agent tasks probably need tweaks. I'll also
file some for the end-to-end workflow.
[09:24] <Li_Liu> regarding "Add Allocation/Deallocation API"
[09:25] <Li_Liu> still blocked right? xinran
[09:25] <Sundar> Apart from that, folks are free to add tasks, modify them
or sign up
[09:25] <Li_Liu> Thanks  a lot Sundar :)
[09:25] <Sundar> Li: np :)
[09:25] <Coco_gao> Hi all
[09:26] <Coco_gao> #info Coco_gao
[09:26] <Li_Liu> is xinran in the meeting
[09:27] <Coco_gao> Thanks Sundar,I will check the storyboard to sign up
[09:28] <Li_Liu> Sundar, do you have any input on "Add
Allocation/Deallocation API"?
[09:29] <xinran> Yes I'm here
[09:29] <xinran> I think we should abandon Add Allocation/Deallocation API
spec, and follow Sundar's new design
[09:30] <Li_Liu> That one I saw you adandon the other day.
[09:30] <Li_Liu> but for
[09:30] <Li_Liu> do you wanna abandon it as well?
[09:32] == shaohe_feng [c066cc26@gateway/web/freenode/ip.]
has joined #openstack-cyborg
[09:32] <shaohe_feng> #info shaohe
[09:32] <shaohe_feng> hi all
[09:32] <wangzhh> Hi shaohe.
[09:33] <xinran> I think it doesn't matter, I can commit new version
according to new spec. if you guys think it's better to abandon it and
submit another one, that's fine
[09:33] <Coco_gao> hi shaohe
[09:33] <Li_Liu> xinran, it's totally up to you
[09:33] <Coco_gao> That is depends on you
[09:33] <shaohe_feng> yes, depends on you.
[09:34] <Sundar> We should probably align on the db schema first. Li_Liu,
do you want to talk about the db spec here ?
[09:34] <Li_Liu> "Add gpu driver" xiao hei, your comments on this? still
blocking by the new db design right?
[09:35] <Li_Liu> Sundar, that might involve too much tech details once we
start the discussion.
[09:35] <Coco_gao> if you think there are too many diffrience  maybe you
can add a new patch
[09:35] <Li_Liu> I wanna focus on the status update first, then we can talk
about it
[09:35] <wangzhh> Yes, Li.
[09:35] <Li_Liu> ok, thanks xiaohei
[09:36] <Li_Liu> "Resource report to placement", xinran, you comments on
[09:36] <xinran> yes
[09:36] <Coco_gao> my patch is the same problem, still need to implement
new design
[09:37] <Li_Liu> thanks coco, got it
[09:38] <Li_Liu> alright, I think I got most of the feedback on the patches
[09:38] <Li_Liu> #topic  New DB scheme planning
[09:39] <Li_Liu> Sundar, you wanna talk about the storyboard items you
[09:40] <Sundar> Li_Liu: Sure. #link!/project/openstack/cyborg
[09:40] <Sundar> Storyboard has a openstack/cyborg project. We can create
stories for specific features or topics, and tasks within those stories.
[09:42] <Sundar> We can optionally create worklists and group them into
boards. For example, we could create a worklist for Stein. However, i have
chosen to keep it simple: Stein is just a tag on every story we want to
complete in this release
[09:42] <Sundar> The tag is a label. we can add more tags as needed
[09:42] <Li_Liu> Regarding the DB work, I think there might be changes on
those tasks. Will keep you guys posted
[09:43] <Sundar> Time to talk about the sb spec?
[09:43] <Sundar> *db
[09:43] <wangzhh> Yep
[09:44] <Sundar> I think we all agreed that the new db schema will not be
[09:45] <wangzhh> I think so.
[09:46] <Sundar> Great. I thought we also agreed that Deployables should be
the equivalent of resource providers
[09:47] <Li_Liu> "equivalent" might not be precise, I think they are
counter-part of each other
[09:47] <Li_Liu> one in the context of Cyborg, the other one in the context
of Nova
[09:47] <Sundar> That's exactly what I meant by 'equivalent'
[09:47] <Coco_gao> Li,is  new db spec availale now?
[09:48] <Sundar> We had this doc which we reviewed:
[09:49] <Coco_gao> agree with Li
[09:49] <Sundar> Can we please align the spec to it? Otherwise, we will
have lots more discussion. The current spec shows a diagram tying
Deployables to PF, VF .
[09:50] <Li_Liu> CoCo, check this out #link
[09:50] <Li_Liu> Sundar, I think after my spec is finalized, we should get
all the pieces aligned
[09:50] <Coco_gao> okay thank you。
[09:51] <Sundar> Li, the spec is not as per our past discussion
[09:52] <Sundar> Why are we still referring to Deployables as PF, VF?
[09:54] <Li_Liu> I was just giving an example. but we can discuss it
seperately. The spec is not final, comments and suggetions are welcome
[09:57] <Sundar> OK. We can move on to other topics, if any
[09:57] <Li_Liu> I think that's all we need to talk about. It seems the
road blocker for most the stuff is the DB thing
[09:58] <Li_Liu> so guys, please provide review and comments for
[09:58] <Li_Liu> Let's land this one asap
[09:58] <xinran> ok, will review it soon
[10:00] <Li_Liu> Thank you team. Keep claim and code one  :P
[10:00] <Li_Liu> have a good night
[10:00] <Li_Liu> should be "Keep claim and code on"  =_+
[10:00] <Li_Liu> #endmeeting

On Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 10:07 PM Li Liu <> wrote:

> Hi Team,
> We will have our regular weekly meetings tomorrow at usual time UTC 1400.
> Please be aware that North America has just shifted to winter time this
> week, which mean it would be 10 pm Beijing time, 6 am PST and 9 am EST. We
> probably will adjust the time a little bit starting next week.
> The agenda for this week's meeting is as follows
> 1. Status Update
> 2. DB evolution work assignments
> --
> Thank you
> Regards
> Li

Thank you


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