Luka Peschke <> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm making this e-mail to announce that the CloudKitty project will be 
> holding IRC meetings from now on. They will be held in the #cloudkitty 
> channel on Freenode. They should (for now) be held on the first Friday 
> of each month at 15h00 UTC. Of course, the time / frequency can be 
> adapted to what suits the community the best.
> The first meeting will be an exception to this schedule. It will be 
> held on Friday the 9th of November at 15h00 UTC. Topics for this meeting 
> can be found and proposed at 
> These meetings were a thing in the project's early days and have slowly 
> stopped, which we really regret.
> This is part of a larger effort to get more in touch with the 
> community. We would gladly welcome new contributors, and any 
> contribution of any kind (bug report, review, documentation 
> suggestion/update, commit...),  is welcome. There are several points 
> which should be tackled in order to ease interactions with the 
> community. These will be detailled and discussed during the first 
> meeting.
> For those interested in CloudKitty attending the Berlin summit, the 
> Project Update will happen on the 14/11 at 2:30pm in M-Räum 3 and the 
> onboarding will be held on the 14/11 at 5:10pm in M-Räum 1.
> Cheers,
> Luka
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Thanks, Luka.

Please propose an update to the openstack-infra/irc-meetings repository
to register the meeting info so it shows up on
and the calendar published there. That will make it easier for other
folks to find the meeting and keep it on their schedule.


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