The TripleO CI team has just completed Sprint 21 (Oct-18 thru Nov-07).
The following is a summary of completed work during this sprint cycle:


   Created an initial base Standalone job for Fedora 28.

   Added initial support for installing Tempest rpm in

   Started running project specific tempest tests against puppet-projects
   in tripleo-standalone gates.

   Added initial support to python-tempestconf on

   Prepared grounds to make all required variables for the zuulv3 workflow
   available for the reproducer.

The sprint task board for CI team has moved from Trello to Taiga [1]. The
Ruck and Rover notes for this sprint has been tracked in the etherpad [2].

The planned work for the next sprint focuses in iterating on the upstream
standalone job for Fedora 28 to bring it to completion. This includes
moving the multinode scenarios to the standalone jobs. The team continues
to work on the reproducer, enabling Tempest coverage in puppet-* projects,
and preparing a CI environment for OVB.

The Ruck and Rover for this sprint are Gabriele Cerami (panda) and Chandan
Kumar (chkumar). Please direct questions or queries to them regarding CI
status or issues in #tripleo, ideally to whomever has the ‘|ruck’ suffix on
their nick.




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