I recently came across molecule <https://github.com/ansible/molecule>  a 
project originated at Cisco which recently become an officially Ansible 
project, at the same time as ansible-lint. Both projects were transferred from 
their former locations to Ansible github organization -- I guess as a 
confirmation that they are now officially supported by the core team. I used 
ansible-lint for years and it did same me a lot of time, molecule is still new 
to me.

Few weeks back I started to play with molecule as at least on paper it was 
supposed to resolve the problem of testing roles on multiple platforms and 
usage scenarios and while the work done for enabling tripleo-quickstart to 
support fedora-28 (py3). I was trying to find a faster way to test these 
changes faster and locally --- and avoid increasing the load on CI before I get 
the confirmation that code works locally.

The results of my testing that started about two weeks ago are very positive 
and can be seen on:
You can find there a job names opentstack-tox-molecule which runs in ~15minutes 
but this is only because on CI docker caching does not work as well as locally, 
locally it re-runs in ~2-3minutes.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this and if you also have some time to 
checkout that change and run it yourself it would be wonderful.

Once you download the change you only have to run "tox -e molecule", (or "make" 
which also clones sister extras repo if needed)

Feel free to send questions to the change itself, on #oooq or by email.

Sorin Sbarnea
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