Sounds make sense to me, and then we needn't fix this strange behaviour

Jay Pipes <> 于2018年11月17日周六 上午3:56写道:

> The server backup API was added 8 years ago. It has Nova basically
> implementing a poor-man's cron for some unknown reason (probably because
> the original RAX Cloud Servers API had some similar or identical
> functionality, who knows...).
> Can we deprecate this functionality please? It's confusing for end users
> to have an `openstack server image create` and `openstack server backup
> create` command where the latter does virtually the same thing as the
> former only sets up some whacky cron-like thing and deletes images after
> some number of rotations.
> If a cloud provider wants to offer some backup thing as a service, they
> could implement this functionality separately IMHO, store the user's
> requested cronjob state in their own system (or in glance which is kind
> of how the existing Nova createBackup functionality works), and run a
> simple cronjob executor that ran `openstack server image create` and
> `openstack image delete` as needed.
> This is a perfect example of an API that should never have been added to
> the Compute API, in my opinion, and removing it would be a step in the
> right direction if we're going to get serious about cleaning the Compute
> API up.
> Thoughts?
> -jay
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