REMINDER: The openstack, openstack-dev, openstack-sigs and
openstack-operators mailing lists (to which this was sent) are being
replaced by a new mailing
list. The new list[0] is open for posts from subscribers starting
now, and the old lists will be configured to no longer accept posts
starting on Monday December 3. In the interim, posts to the old
lists will also get copied to the new list so it's safe to
unsubscribe from them now and not miss any messages. See my previous
notice[1] for details.

As of the time of this announcement, we have 280 subscribers on
openstack-discuss with three weeks to go before the old lists are
closed down for good). At the recommendation of David Medberry at
the OpenStack Summit last week, this reminder is being sent
individually to each of the old lists (not as a cross-post), and
without any topic tag in case either might be resulting in
subscribers missing it.

Jeremy Stanley

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