Announcing the 18.11 release of the OpenStack Charms.

The 18.11 charms have support for Nova cells v2 for deployments of
Queens and later. The 18.11 release also has preview features including
series upgrades and the Octavia load balancer charm. 47 bugs have been
fixed and released across the OpenStack charms.

For full details of the release, please refer to the release notes:

Thanks go to the following contributors for this release:

Alex Kavanagh
Andrey Grebennikov
Aymen  Frikha
Billy Olsen
Chris MacNaughton
Chris Sanders
Corey Bryant
David Ames
Dmitrii Shcherbakov
Drew Freiberger
Edward Hope-Morley
Felipe Reyes
Frode Nordahl
Fulvio Galeazzi
James Page
Liam Young
Neiloy Mukerjee
Pedro GuimarĂ£es
Pete Vander Giessen
Ryan Beisner
Vladimir Grevtsev
dongdong tao
viswesuwara nathan

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