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From: Eduardo Gonzalez <>
 Date: 2018-11-22 01:07:40
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 Subject: [openstack-dev] [kolla] Berlin summit resume
Hi kollagues,

 During the Berlin Summit kolla team had a few talks and forum discussions, as 
well as other cross-project related topics [0]

 First session was ``Kolla project onboarding``, the room was full of people 
interested in contribute to kolla, many of them already using kolla in 
production environments whiling to make upstream some work they've done 
downstream. I can say this talk was a total success and we hope to see many new 
faces during this release putting features and bug fixes into kolla . Slides of 
the session at [1]

 Second session was ``Kolla project update``, was a brief resume of what work 
has been done during rocky release and some items will be implemented in the 
future. Number of attendees to this session was massive, no more people could 
enter the room. Slides at [2]

Then forum sessions..

 First one was ``Kolla user feedback``, many users came over the room. We've 
notice a big increase in production deployments and some PoC migrating to 
production soon, many of those environments are huge.
 Overall the impressions was that kolla is great and don't have any big issue 
or requirement, ``it works great`` became a common phrase to listen.
 Here's a resume of the user feedback needs [3]

 - Improve operational usage for add, remove , change and stop/start nodes and 
 - Database backup and recovery
 - Lack of documentation is the bigger request, users need to read the code to 
know how to configure other than core/default services
 - Multi cells_v2
- New services request, cyborg, masakari and tricircle were the most requested
 - SElinux enabled
 - More SDN services such as Contrail and calico
 - Possibility to include user's ansible tasks during deploy as well as support 
custom config.json
 - HTTPS for internal networks

 Second one was about ``kolla for the edge``, we've meet with Edge computing 
group and others interested in edge deployments to identify what's missing in 
kolla and where we can help.
 Things we've identified are:

 - Kolla seems good at how the service split can be done, tweaking inventory 
file and config values can deploy independent environments easily.
 - Missing keystone federation
- Glance cache support is not a hard requirement but improves efficiency 
(already merged)
 - Multi cells v2
 - Multi storage per edge/far-edge
 - A documentation or architecture reference would be nice to have.

 Last one was ``kolla for NFV` `, few people came over to discuss about NUMA, 
 Nothing noticiable from this session, mainly was support DPDK for 
CentOS/RHEL,OracleLinux and few service addition covered by previous 

 [0] https://etherpad.openstack .org/p/kolla-stein-summit
 [5] https ://

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