The purpose of this email to is apologise for some incorrect -1 review
scores which turbo hipster sent out today. I think its important when
a third party testing tool is new to not have flakey results as people
learn to trust the tool, so I want to explain what happened here.

Turbo hipster is a system which takes nova code reviews, and runs
database upgrades against them to ensure that we can still upgrade for
users in the wild. It uses real user datasets, and also times
migrations and warns when they are too slow for large deployments. It
started voting on gerrit in the last week.

Turbo hipster uses zuul to learn about reviews in gerrit that it
should test. We run our own zuul instance, which talks to the
openstack.org zuul instance. This then hands out work to our pool of
testing workers. Another thing zuul does is it handles maintaining a
git repository for the workers to clone from.

This is where things went wrong today. For reasons I can't currently
explain, the git repo on our zuul instance ended up in a bad state (it
had a patch merged to master which wasn't in fact merged upstream
yet). As this code is stock zuul from openstack-infra, I have a
concern this might be a bug that other zuul users will see as well.

I've corrected the problem for now, and kicked off a recheck of any
patch with a -1 review score from turbo hipster in the last 24 hours.
I'll talk to the zuul maintainers tomorrow about the git problem and
see what we can learn.

Thanks heaps for your patience.


Rackspace Australia

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