I guess this isn't a new discussion.  I did some more digging and apparently 
this is what came out of the last discussion:


That definitely seems like it would be something simple we could use, since it 
only provides scheduling and that's all we need, but it doesn't appear that 
it's had any traction since that time.  I guess that got absorbed along with 
Convection into Mistral (is that right?).

I tend to agree with the sentiment that the scheduling component should live 
outside the workflow service, especially for use cases like this where we just 
need scheduling and not the workflow portions as we're just scheduling things 
that are already achievable via single API calls (to my knowledge).

It seems like we basically have 4 options at this point:

1. Wait for/help finish the scheduling component of mistral and use that
2. Build Qonos workers to do the trove needful and integrate with that
3. Build this proposed EventScheduler thing and have trove use that
4. Build something simple internal to trove for now and revisit when things 
have matured more

Despite my initial enthusiasm about Qonos after it was mentioned earlier today, 
the more I look into it, the more it seems like the wrong fit.  It could 
definitely do it, but the way it's structured, it appears that we'd have to add 
code to qonos/worker for each action we wanted to schedule, which just seems 
like a pain for what amounts to "make this API call to trove".

My gut says working on EventScheduler is probably the best/most ideal option, 
but time constraints and what-not make "build it into trove" the most likely 
course of action for now.


On Dec 31, 2013, at 10:06 AM, Joshua Harlow 
<harlo...@yahoo-inc.com<mailto:harlo...@yahoo-inc.com>> wrote:

Agreed taskflow doesn't currently provide scheduling as it was thought that 
reliable execution that can be restarted and resumed is the foundation that 
someone using taskflow can easily provide scheduling ontop of... Better IMHO to 
have a project doing this foundation well (since openstack would benefit from 
this) than try to pack so many features in that it does none of them well (this 
kind of kitchen sink approach seems to happen more often than not, sadly).

But in reality it's all about compromises and finding the solution that makes 
sense and works, and happy new year!! :P

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On Dec 30, 2013, at 9:03 PM, "Renat Akhmerov" 
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Georgy is right. We’re now actively working on PoC and we’ve already 
implemented the functionality we initially planned, including cron-based 
scheduling. You can take a look at our repo and evaluate what we’ve done, we’d 
be very glad to hear some feedback from anyone potentially interested in 
Mistral. We were supposed to deliver PoC in the end of December, however, we 
decided not to rush and include several really cool things that we came up with 
while working on PoC, they should demonstrate the whole idea of Mistral much 
better and expose functionality for more potential use cases. A couple of days 
ago I sent out the information about additional changes in DSL that we want to 
implement (etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mistral-poc), so if you’d 
like please join the discussion and let us know how we can evolve the project 
to better fit your needs. In fact, even though we call it PoC it’s already in a 
good shape and pretty soon (~1.5 month) is going to be mature enough to use it 
as a dependency for other projects.

As far as security, we thought about this and and we have a vision of how it 
could be implemented. Generally, later on we’re planning to implement sort of 
Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to, first of all, isolate user workbooks 
(definition of tasks, actions, events) from each other and deal with access 
patterns to OpenStack services. We would encourage you to file a BP with a 
description of what would be needed by Trove in that regard.

I looked at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Trove/scheduled-tasks and at the 
first glance Mistral looks a good fit here, especially if you’re interested in 
a standalone REST service with its capabilities like execution monitoring, 
history, language independence and HA (i.e. you schedule backups via Mistral 
and Trove itself shouldn’t care about availability of any functionality related 
to scheduling). TaskFlow may also be helpful in case your scheduled jobs are 
representable as flows using one of TaskFlow patterns. However, in my 
understanding you’ll have to implement scheduling yourself since TaskFlow does 
not support it now, at least I didn’t find anything like that (Joshua can 
provide more details on that).


Renat Akhmerov
@Mirantis Inc.
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