Hi all,
I'm testing the Havana devstack and I noticed that after killing and restarting the neutron server public networks are not returned when queried via horizon or command line, which in Grizzly devstack the query returns the external network even after a quantum-server restart:

Basically, before killing neutron-server, executing the below command as demo/demo/nova we have:

   /stack@host1:~$ neutron net-external-list //
   //| id                                   | name   |
   subnets                                              |//
   //| 16c986b3-fa3d-4666-a6bd-a0dd9bfb5f19 | public |
   f0895c49-32ce-4ba2-9062-421c254892ec |//
   //stack@///host1/:~$ //

After killing and restarting neutron-server we have:

   /stack@///host1/:~$ neutron net-external-list /

   /stack@///host1/:~$ /

I can get around this problem by making the "public" network/subnet shared then everything starts working, but after that I'm not able to revert it back to private again. In checking with grizzly version the external "public" network is listed for all tenants even when it is not shared, so making it shared is not a solution, only verification of what the problem is.

First, I think this is a neutron bug, and want to report it if not reported already. I didn't find a bug report, but if you know of it please let me know.

Second, I am looking for documentation that explains the security policy and permissions for external networks. Although by checking legacy and current behaviour it seems that all tenants should be able to list all external networks even if they aren't shared, I'm looking for documentation that explains the thinking and reasons behind this behaviour. Also confusing is if by default all tenants can see external networks then what is the purpose of the "shared" flag, and why once a network/subnet is shared it cannot be undone.

Thanks in advance.

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