On 01/06/2014 03:55 PM, Dugger, Donald D wrote:
> This is to let everyone know that we have created a new source tree,
> `https://github.com/openstack/gantt.git’, that contains the code for the
> Nova scheduler.  The ultimate goal is to create a separate scheduler
> service that can be utilized by any part of OpenStack that needs a
> scheduling capability but we’re going to start out just by moving the
> current scheduler into a separate tree.
> Note that right now the new tree is not a new scheduler, it is just the
> current Nova scheduler code that has been moved to a new tree.  Any
> changes we want to make to the Nova scheduler should still happen inside
> the Nova tree.
> There are a few tasks that need to be completed before the new tree can
> be utilized by Nova:
> 1)      Get the tests working in the Gantt tree.  Currently, we’ve make
> the tests non-voting as none of the tests work yet, fixing this is
> clearly a critical task.
> 2)      Do the plumbing such that Nova makes its scheduler calls into
> the new Gantt tree.  Given that the Gantt tree is a duplicate of the
> nova code this should be a fairly safe change but there is clearly work
> that needs to be done here.
> 3)      Get the documentation working in the Gantt tree, that’s
> currently broken.
> 4)      Start working on creating Gantt as separately running, callable
> service (expect some lively sessions at the next summit, new RESTful
> APIs are probably needed at a minimum).
> Note that until we’ve completed task 2 there will be 2 separate
> scheduler source trees, the one in Nova and the one in Gantt.  Scheduler
> development should not change for now, all scheduler changes should be
> applied to the Nova tree.  I’ll be monitoring the Nova tree and will
> port over any scheduler changes into the Gantt tree.  (Hopefully we will
> complete task 2 before I go crazy doing that.)

Further, I think all gantt feature development should be explicitly
*not* allowed until the nova scheduler is deprecated and ready to be
replaced by gantt.  Other efforts (a REST API, supporting other
services) will have to wait.  This is to make the transition as quick as

Russell Bryant

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