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>> As you’ve defined the feature so far, it seems like most of it could
>> be implemented client side:
>> * pause the instance
>> * snapshot the instance
>> * snapshot any attached volumes
> For the first milestone to offer crash-consistent snapshots you are
> correct.  We'll need some additional support from libvirt, but the
> patchset should be straightforward.  The biggest question I have
> surrounding initial work is whether to use an existing API call or
> create a new one.

I think you might have missed the “client side” part of this point. I agree
that the snapshot multiple volumes and package it up is valuable, but I was
trying to make the point that you could do all of this stuff client side
if you just add support for snapshotting ephemeral drives. An all-in-one
snapshot command could be valuable, but you are talking about orchestrating
a lot of commands between nova, glance, and cinder and it could get kind
of messy to try to run the whole thing from nova.



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