Hello folks,

At the end of the previous discussion on the topic [1] I've decided to make
a PoC based on oslo.messaging. Clint suggested and I agreed to make it for
os-collect-config. Actually I've made a PoC for Savanna first :-) but
anyway here is the one for os-collect-config [2].

I've made a couple of observations:

First, the os-collect-config naturally becomes an RPC server. That gives an
advantage of having feedback, i.e. knowing that the desired config was
actually received and applied.

Second, with the oslo.messaging approach seems like there is almost nothing
to extract to common code. It is rather well seen on the minimal example
like os-config-apply. I thought there would be something to share between
projects using the agent, but so far it
looks like oslo.messaging already covers all the needs. Which IMHO is great!

So, any thoughts?

[2] https://github.com/dmitrymex/os-collect-config
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