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> Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [Nova] bp proposal: discovery of peer instances
> through metadata service
> Thanks John - combining with the existing effort seems like the right thing to
> do (I've reached out to Claxton to coordinate).  Great to see that the larger
> issues around quotas / write-once have already been agreed.
> So I propose that sharing will work in the same way, but some values are
> visible across all instances in the project.  I do not think it would be
> appropriate for all entries to be shared this way.  A few
> options:
> 1) A separate endpoint for shared values
> 2) Keys are shared iff  e.g. they start with a prefix, like 'peers_XXX'
> 3) Keys are set the same way, but a 'shared' parameter can be passed, either
> as a query parameter or in the JSON.
> I like option #3 the best, but feedback is welcome.
> I think I will have to store the value using a system_metadata entry per
> shared key.  I think this avoids issues with concurrent writes, and also makes
> it easier to have more advanced sharing policies (e.g.
> when we have hierarchical projects)
> Thank you to everyone for helping me get to what IMHO is a much better
> solution than the one I started with!
> Justin
I think #1 or #3 would be fine.   I don't really like #2 - doing this kind of 
thing through naming conventions always leads to problems IMO.


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