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Several of us were very much in favor of this around the Folsom release,
but we settled on domains as a solution to the most immediate use case
(isolation between flat collections of tenants, without impacting the rest
of openstack). I don't think it has been discussed much in the keystone
community since, but it's still a concept that I'm very much interested in,
as it's much more powerful than domains when it comes to issues like
granular delegation.

On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 12:35 PM, Vishvananda Ishaya

> Hi Everyone,
> I apologize for the obtuse title, but there isn't a better succinct term
> to describe what is needed. OpenStack has no support for multiple owners of
> objects. This means that a variety of private cloud use cases are simply
> not supported. Specifically, objects in the system can only be managed on
> the tenant level or globally.
> The key use case here is to delegate administration rights for a group of
> tenants to a specific user/role. There is something in Keystone called a
> “domain” which supports part of this functionality, but without support
> from all of the projects, this concept is pretty useless.
> In IRC today I had a brief discussion about how we could address this. I
> have put some details and a straw man up here:
> I would like to discuss this strawman and organize a group of people to
> get actual work done by having an irc meeting this Friday at 1600UTC. I
> know this time is probably a bit tough for Europe, so if we decide we need
> a regular meeting to discuss progress then we can vote on a better time for
> this meeting.
> Please note that this is going to be an active team that produces code. We
> will *NOT* spend a lot of time debating approaches, and instead focus on
> making something that works and learning as we go. The output of this team
> will be a MultiTenant devstack install that actually works, so that we can
> ensure the features we are adding to each project work together.
> Vish
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