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Subject: [openstack-dev] [nova][neutron] PCI pass-through SRIOV on Jan. 30th


We made a lot of progress today. We agreed that:
-- vnic_type will be a top level attribute as binding:vnic_type
-- BPs:
     * Irena's for 
     * Bob to submit a BP for binding:profile in ML2. SRIOV input info will be 
encapsulated in binding:profile
     * Bob to submit a BP for binding:vif_details in ML2. SRIOV output info 
will be encapsulated in binding:vif_details, which may include other 
information like security parameters. For SRIOV, vlan_id and profileid are 
-- new arguments for port-create will be implicit arguments. Future release may 
make them explicit. New argument: --binding:vnic_type {virtio, direct, macvtap}.
I think that currently we can make do without the profileid as an input 
parameter from the user. The mechanism driver will return a profileid in the 
vif output.

Please correct any misstatement in above.

  -- do we need a common utils/driver for SRIOV generic parts to be used by 
individual Mechanism drivers that support SRIOV? More details on what would be 
included in this sriov utils/driver? I'm thinking that a candidate would be the 
helper functions to interpret the pci_slot, which is proposed as a string. 
Anything else in your mind?
[IrenaB] I thought on some SRIOVPortProfileMixin to handle and persist SRIOV 
port related attributes

  -- what should mechanism drivers put in binding:vif_details and how nova 
would use this information? as far as I see it from the code, a VIF object is 
created and populated based on information provided by neutron (from get 
network and get port)

  -- nova needs to work with both ML2 and non-ML2 plugins. For regular plugins, 
binding:vnic_type will not be set, I guess. Then would it be treated as a 
virtio type? And if a non-ML2 plugin wants to support SRIOV, would it need to  
implement vnic-type, binding:profile, binding:vif-details for SRIOV itself?
[IrenaB] vnic_type will be added as an additional attribute to binding 
extension. For persistency it should be added in PortBindingMixin for non ML2. 
I didn't think to cover it as part of ML2 vnic_type bp.
For the rest attributes, need to see what Bob plans.

 -- is a neutron agent making decision based on the binding:vif_type?  In that 
case, it makes sense for binding:vnic_type not to be exposed to agents.
[IrenaB] vnic_type is input parameter that will eventually cause certain 
vif_type to be sent to GenericVIFDriver and create network interface. Neutron 
agents periodically scan for attached interfaces. For example, OVS agent will 
look only for OVS interfaces, so if SRIOV interface is created, it won't be 
discovered by OVS agent.

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