On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 2:01 AM, Julien Danjou <jul...@danjou.info> wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 03 2014, Joe Gordon wrote:
>>> We know, Ceilometer has been broken several times because of that in the
>>> past months. We know we shouldn't do that, but for now we don't have
>>> enough work force to work on a batter solution unfortunately.
>> Does this issue mean Ceilometer won't rwork for the most literal
>> definition of continuous deployment?
> They are tests intercepting the issue, so I don't think that invalidate
> the use of CD.
>> Has this ever been a problem in the stable branches?
> It has been a problem only because we were referencing nova-master in
> test-requirements, but changing it to the reference the same version as
> Ceilometer (e.g. havana) fixed it.
>> Whats the underlying problem here? nova notifications aren't
>> versioned?  Nova should try to support ceilometer's use case so it
>> sounds like there is may be a nova issue in here as well.
> Oh you're far from it.
> Long story short, the problem is that when an instance is detroyed, we
> need to poll one last time for its CPU, IO, etc statistics to send them
> to Ceilometer. The only way we found to do that in Nova is to plug a
> special notification driver that intercepts the deletion notification in
> Nova, run the pollsters, and then returns to Nova execution.

Ceilometer running a plugin in nova is bad (for all the reasons
previously discussed), this broke ceilometer for in Havana
So what can nova do to help this?  It sounds like you have a valid use
case that nova should support without requiring a plugin.


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