Steve Gordon wrote:
>> From: "Anne Gentle" <>
>> Based on today's Technical Committee meeting and conversations with the
>> OpenStack board members, I need to change our Conventions for service names
>> at
>> .
>> Previously we have indicated that Ceilometer could be named OpenStack
>> Telemetry and Heat could be named OpenStack Orchestration. That's not the
>> case, and we need to change those names.
>> To quote the TC meeting, ceilometer and heat are "other modules" (second
>> sentence from 4.1 in
>> distributed with the Core OpenStack Project.
>> Here's what I intend to change the wiki page to:
>>  Here's the list of project and module names and their official names and
>> capitalization:
>> Ceilometer module
>> Cinder: OpenStack Block Storage
>> Glance: OpenStack Image Service
>> Heat module
>> Horizon: OpenStack dashboard
>> Keystone: OpenStack Identity Service
>> Neutron: OpenStack Networking
>> Nova: OpenStack Compute
>> Swift: OpenStack Object Storage

Small correction. The TC had not indicated that Ceilometer could be
named "OpenStack Telemetry" and Heat could be named "OpenStack
Orchestration". We formally asked[1] the board to allow (or disallow)
that naming (or more precisely, that use of the trademark).


We haven't got a formal and clear answer from the board on that request
yet. I suspect they are waiting for progress on DefCore before deciding.

If you need an answer *now* (and I suspect you do), it might make sense
to ask foundation staff/lawyers about using those OpenStack names with
the current state of the bylaws and trademark usage rules, rather than
the hypothetical future state under discussion.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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