It has come to my attention that this blueprint 
(https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/vmware-image-cache-management) has 
been deferred to the next milestone series. The blueprint ensures that the 
driver has aging for cached images. This is a critical issue for the driver and 
is important as a parity feature.

I really am not sure why it has been deferered and would like to clarify a few 

 1.  The blueprint code was implemented and pending review in November. This 
was blocked due to a blueprint 
that is not at all related to the driver itself. Russells point for blocking 
the BP was there is common code between all drivers. This was addressed by: 
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/59994/ (approved on 17th December).
 2.  That aging code was rebased and pushed again in December.

It would really be nice to understand why the BP has been deferred to Juno. 
There was a mail that stated the following:

 1.  All BP's need to be in by Feb 4th (this BP was in and approved in I2)
 2.  The code for BP's needs to be in by February the 18th. The code was ready 
for review in December.

The code is specific to the VMware driver and provides parity to other drivers 
that have image caching. It would really be nice to understand why this has 
been deferred and why a feature that this totally isolated to a virtualization 
driver is deferred.

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