Hey all!

There are a bunch of patches adding:

universal = 1

to setup.cfg:


I wanted to follow up on what the deal is with them, and what I think we should do about them.

universal means that a wheel can be made that can work with any python. That's awesome, and we want it - it makes the wheel publishing code easier. I don't think we want it turned on for any project that doesn't, in fact, support python3 - because we'd be producing a wheel that says it works in python3.

To be fair - the wheel itself will work just fine in python3 - it's just the software that doesn't - and we upload tarballs right now which don't block attempts to use them in python3.

SO -

my pedantic side says:

"Let's only land universal = 1 into python3 supporting projects"

upon further reflection, I think my other side says:

"It's fine, let's land it everywhere, it doesn't hurt anything, and then we can stop worrying about it"



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