Iā€™m working on a tempest blueprint to make tempest able to run 100% on keystone 
v3 (or later versions) ā€“ the auth version to be used will be available via a 
configuration switch.


The rationale is that Keystone V2 is deprecated in icehouse, V3 being the 
primary version. Thus it would be good to have (at least) one of the  gate jobs 
running entirely with keystone v3.


There are other components beyond tempest that would need some changes to make 
this happen.


Nova and cinder python bindings work only with keystone v2 [0], and as far as I 
know all core services work with keystone v2 (at least by default). 

Is there a plan to support identity v3 there until the end of icehouse? 

If not I think we may have to consider still supporting v2 in icehouse. 




[0] https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-novaclient/+bug/1262843 



Andrea Frittoli

IaaS Systems Engineering Team 

HP Cloud ā˜

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