Howdy folks!
I am a beginer of neutron, there is a problem which has confused me. In my 
environment using openvswich plugin, I delete the dhcp port by mistack, then I 
found the VM in the subnet whose dhcp port is deleted by my mistack can not get 
IP, I found the reason is  when a dhcp port is deleted, neutron will create the 
dhcp port automaticly, but the VIF TAP will not be deleted, this time there 
will be an IP address on the two TAP.
Even if the problem is caused by error operation, I think the dhcp port should 
not allow be deleted, because the port is created by neutron  automaticly, not 
by tenant. Similarly, the port on router is not allow be deleted. 
I want to know whether it is a problem? 
this is the bug I have commited:
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