On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 2:43 AM, Daniel P. Berrange <berra...@redhat.com> wrote:

> So I'd saying changing it to 'disk' is out of the question unless
> we unconditionally use vfat as the filesystem instead of iso9660.

So, at the moment we conflate a flag about format (iso9660 or vfat)
with a flag about device type. We could have both as separate flags
with reasonable defaults. However, at the moment we're pretty much
presented with a choice of either having a working Windows instance,
or working block migration. I suspect that's a trade off we don't want
to have to make.

Do you have any visibility into why cdrom devices don't get migrated
by libvirt correctly? Is there perhaps a flag to the migrate call we
could twiddle to make it magically work right?

(I did look at simply re-creating the config drive from scratch on the
destination node, but its not possible. Much of the information needed
to create the drive such as admin password and injected files is gone
by the time the migration occurs).


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