Maybe I should explain this one a bit.

Shared network: If a user has defined a shared network, and they used your API 
to create a VPC, the instances within the VPC will automatically get an 
interface on the shared network. I don't think that this is the expected 

FIP in scope of VPC: I was not talking about the EIP for Internet access, sorry 
if it was confusing. Since you are not really describing how you create the 
external networks, it's not clear how you implement the multiple gateways 
(public and private) that AWS supports, and how you connects networks to 
routers and external networks. i.e. are the CIDRs used in the VPC, NAT'ED to be 
routed in the customer datacenter, in which case, there is a floating IP pool 
that is private to each private gateway and VPC (not the 'public' one).

It would be useful for you to describe the pre-setup required to do make this 


On Feb 18, 2014, at 1:09 PM, Harshad Nakil <> wrote:

> 2. It does give full AWS compatibility (except for network ACL which was 
> differed). Shared networks, FIP within scope of VPC is not some thing AWS 
> provides. So it is not partial support.

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