Yesterday during the QA meeting we realized that the neutron full job,
which includes tenant isolation, and full parallelism, was passing quite
often in the experimental queue. Which was actually news to most of us,
as no one had been keeping a close eye on it.

I moved that to a non-voting job on all projects. A spot check overnight
is that it's failing about twice as often as the regular neutron job.
Which is too high a failure rate to make it voting, but it's close.

This would be the time for a final hard push by the neutron team to get
to the bottom of these failures to bring the pass rate to the level of
the existing neutron job, then we could make neutron full voting.

This is a *huge* move forward from where things were at the Havana
summit. I want to thank the Neutron team for getting so aggressive about
getting this testing working. I was skeptical we could get there within
the cycle, but a last push could actually get us neutron parity in the
gate by i3.


Sean Dague
Samsung Research America /

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